full service

You wish to let us manage the full operationnal execution of your products (development, formula, sourcing, manufacturing, conditioning) to only think about the marketing?



Based on your brief, we build a proposition which includes all the elements of you project : textures, colors, packaging, regulation...


The Full Service offer is the optimized solution which let you benefit from all the conception and manufacturing skills we have developed over years.


You project is fully defined and you only wish to let us manage the production? The contract manufacturing offer ensures operationnal quality and deadlines compliance.


From formulation to regulation, depending on your need and the availability of your intern skills, this offer allows to secure your project on the basis of a fixed budget and a defined timeline, ensuring the total respect of your specifications note.


Our ISO 22716 certification and the extremely high exigency of our Quality System ensure your project will be exectuted in the best conditions.

private label

Cosmetic products are not your main field?

You wish to extend your range toward new make up product types ?


For this offer, we have selected the textures, colors, packaging, & tag. You only have to choose the colors among the ones we have created and how you want to customize your products to make them unique.


You capitalize on our know-how and you can get a turnkey make up range, without having to invest in developement (tests, regulation...) 


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